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Senior advisor

Gry Granum Stang

Gry Granum Stang has a good journalistic perspective, good experience with what catches on in the media and with how content should be presented. Gry has worked with communication and journalism for 15 years.

Gry has an exciting background as a journalist and communications consultant. After her studies, she has worked in several of the largest media houses in Norway, first two years with news and consumer material in TV2, then two years with news in NRK and then seven years in VGTV. Gry worked with current news, followed major issues, and created both video and written content. She has a good knowledge of how the media works and what it takes to get cases published.

From 2018, Gry was a communications consultant and press contact at Amnesty International Norway. At Amnesty, she has had a special responsibility for the press work. Gry prepared press releases and media plays, and ensured that Amnesty increased its visibility in the media during the years she worked there. She also made a lot of video content for their social channels, and was involved in preparing several both large and small campaigns. She has good knowledge of how to engage in social media and how to adapt content to different target groups.

Gry has a bachelor's degree in journalism from Volda University College and also has a bachelor's degree in Visual Culture, Film and Television from Lillehammer University College.