How we work

Each client and project is unique and requires a separate approach. The best solutions always draw on solid insight, broad communication expertise, great commitment and targeted creativity. Our business understanding and execution makes us advisors who are skilled in both strategy and operational communication. We are a partner who listens actively, contributes to good decisions and creates effect and value for our customers.

We have broad, professional experience within the field of communication. We are big enough to handle any challenge and small enough to turn around quickly. We are close to the client, both as an advisor, senior advisor and partner. Furthermore, we are one of the industry's most internationally oriented agencies. Through a global network of partners, we tailor teams to solve any communication challenge - regardless of national borders.


We aspire to be close to the communications craft and to people

The desire to get closer to the communications profession was the reason why WergelandApenes was founded in 2011. Since then, we have gathered advisors with broad experience from leading companies, agencies and politics. Common to all is that we believe that communication is crucial for companies to achieve their goals. Communication is becoming increasingly important, and companies' opportunities for growth depend on how they are perceived by customers, employees and the outside world in general.

We reside on the 5th floor of the new Deichman Bjørvika. That is something we are proud of. We're told that we have such good coffee - come and try for yourself!

Wask SDG


We work with several national and international partners who complement our capacity in some deliveries. Among other things, we are the Norwegian partner of the world-leading PR agency FleishmanHillard. Together with 2700 colleagues at 85 offices, we have coverage in all countries that are relevant to the Norwegian export industry. We help Norwegian companies out into the world - and foreign companies into Norway and the Nordic countries.

In the spring of 2020, we entered into a formalized strategic collaboration with Scandinavian Design Group and we are now co-located in the new Deichman Bjørvika. Together, WergelandApenes / SDG is the country's leading environment in strategic and operational communication, business development, positioning, design and brand building.

In addition to FleishmanHillard and SDG, we have several close collaborations with, among others, analysis agencies, creative agencies, digital agencies and agencies specializing in crisis communication. Contact us for more information about our partners.

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