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Special advisor

Hans Normann Tranberg

Hans Normann is one of Norway's most experienced idea developers and creators in PR, with over 12 years of experience from some of the largest agencies and companies in both the USA and the UK.

His specialty is creating cultural relevance for brands with big ideas, structured with solid insights and first-class strategy. His ideas have gone viral globally over 20+ times and reached audiences in the billions. Hans is also a trend predictor, helping brands build narratives and identities for their campaigns that are unique and capture the attention of the public.

Previously, Hans was Director of Innovation at PAPER Magazine in New York City, where he created global and viral campaigns with great talent for KFC, Target and Google, among others. Hans also has several years of global experience in PR and marketing agencies as Creative Director after working for Ogilvy and Ketchum in London, among others, with experience in campaign development over 100 international and global brands in technology, food, beverage, alcohol, fashion and beauty.

Hans also works continuously for the British designer Christian Cowan at New York Fashion Week, and produces his fashion show several times a year, as well as being responsible for developers of all creative partnerships.