Arne Andreas Opheim L2 A1959b
Senior advisor

Arne Andreas Opheim

Arne Andreas Opheim's core competence is strategic message development, rhetoric and sustainability and social communication.

Arne has a long and broad range of communication skills from many different areas of society and sectors. His rhetorical starting point means that he has a strategic approach and a well-equipped toolbox in meeting all communication challenges. Arne is particularly concerned with good and thorough insight work, good and precise message development and live communication.

Arne has worked as a communications consultant in Dinamo PR, where he has, among other things, led strategy work, campaign work and long-term PR and positioning work for large customers in both the public and private sectors. He also has a background as a communications consultant in several organizations and has worked extensively with issues around gender equality, the environment and climate. Arne has a master's degree in rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen and has studied media studies, Norwegian and Norwegian sign language at the University of Oslo.